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Computer Animation Degrees

Computer animation - app development

Earning a degree in computer animation is the starting point for tomorrow’s leading professionals in areas like traditional animation, visual effects, gaming art, character animation, and Hollywood CGI.

While each degree program has its own unique entrance requirements, students can expect to encounter any of the following admission criteria:

  • Official academic transcripts
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA)
  • Minimum scores on standardized tests

As students progress through higher academic programs they will also be expected to develop a portfolio of their animation works and projects, and may also need to demonstrate professional experience as an admission requirement.

Associate’s Degree in Computer Animation

Earning a degree at this level is the first step towards a professional career in computer animation. This degree will introduce students to foundational concepts in the field and provide a basic level of knowledge that can be used to develop a specific area of focus later. These are typically two-year programs comprised of 48-60 semester credits.

Important courses within this degree program can include:

  • Intro to computer animation
  • Digital media communications
  • Intro to HTML
  • Graphic imaging
  • Digital imaging and animation
  • Game development
  • Interactive design

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation

A bachelor’s degree in this field will give students basic professional credentials in computer animation, which can be used to develop one’s organic talent and rise to the top in a relevant company. An undergraduate degree is also a requirement for students who want to continue their education at the next level.

Students who are not transferring to a bachelor’s program will need to become accepted as GED or high school graduates. A bachelor’s program is approximately four years and 120 semester credits in length Visit Your URL. Important courses within this major include:

  • Creative presentation
  • Physical to digital modeling
  • 3D design
  • Media and entertainment technology
  • Character creation and design
  • Character animation and rigging
  • Animation production and modeling
  • Technical animation
  • Visual development

Master’s Degree in Computer Animation

Earning a master’s degree in computer animation will take students to the advanced professional level in this field. Many schools offer a general master’s-level program in animation with the option for students to specialize in the field of computer animation.

A two-year master’s program is usually between 48-60 semester credits, and includes the study of subjects like:

  • Animation mechanics
  • Advanced storyboarding
  • Animated short film production
  • 3D lighting and texturing
  • Advanced scripting
  • 3D rigging and modeling
  • Organic and hybrid animating
  • Motion capture
  • Advanced topics in computer animation

Doctoral Degree in Computer Animation

Completing a doctoral degree in computer animation will give professionals the credential they need to work at the top of their field. This includes with major production companies, gaming businesses, mobile app developers, movie studios, and independent startups.

Doctoral degrees usually include a thesis project, portfolio review and presentation, internships, practica, and other projects that give students hands-on concrete professional experiences.

The following companies – provided here strictly as examples only – are types of organizations that hire qualified computer animators:

  • DreamWorks Studios
  • Sony Computer Entertainment of America
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Google
  • Nintendo of America

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