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Graphic Design Degrees

Graphic Design App development

The art of graphic design can define a first – as well as a lasting – impression. Commercially, visual branding and presentation are some of the strongest examples of the utility of graphic design, as is user interface and experience. An object’s graphic design can create a subtle emotional connection or provoke a visceral and obvious reaction.

For these reasons a degree in Graphic Design can pave the way toward one’s full career potential click here for info. Degrees in this field are offered at all academic levels, with typical entrance requirements for all programs including:

  • Official academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal essay regarding professional goals
  • Minimum testing scores and portfolio requirements
  • Minimum GPA requirements

As a student advances academically he or she will have additional options to choose concentrations within the field of graphic design, such as multimedia or digital design

Associate of Arts (AA) in Graphic Design

This is the starting, introductory degree for professionals interested in pursuing a career in graphic design. The program typically takes two years to complete and is comprised of between 48-60 semester credits. Courses that are part of this program can include:

  • Intro to graphic design
  • Digital layout
  • Color theory
  • Portfolio development
  • Digital and computer design
  • Interactive web and computer design

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design

A bachelor’s program in this subject will move the student from the introductory to the professional level in the field of graphic design. AA students can transfer to a bachelor’s program for two additional years, or students may choose to apply to four-year programs as high school graduates.

A four-year bachelor’s program typically totals around 120 semester credits. The first two years and 60 credits are comprised of general university classes that can be tailored to the subject of graphic design. The last two years and 60 credits consist of core and elective graphic design courses that can include:

  • Visual culture and commerce
  • History and development of graphic design
  • Emerging and digital media design
  • Publication design for digital media
  • Analog and digital print production
  • Interactive digital design
  • Introduction to animation
  • Mobile devices and interactive media

Some bachelor’s programs may offer opportunities for internships or practica with a graphic design organization or company.

Master of Arts of Master of Fine Arts (MFA or MA) in Graphic Design

A two-year graduate program in graphic design will prepare tomorrow’s leading artists to be leaders in their fields. Students will complete approximately 48-60 semester credits and develop a graduate portfolio of work. There is also the opportunity to specialize in areas like digital graphic design or graphic design for video production.

Important courses that comprise a graphic design graduate degree include:

  • Color and spatial matters
  • Studio seminar
  • Mobile computing
  • Letter and typographic form
  • Technology and design seminar
  • Networks and transmission
  • Video production
  • Design for mobile applications

Doctoral Degree in Graphic Design

A doctoral degree in this field usually involves a capstone project, senior portfolio, and/or a thesis. Classes and research projects are typically completed over the course of two years. Upon graduation students will be ready to work professionally as leaders of graphic design companies or at the helm of large design departments.

Classes that make up a doctoral degree in this field can include:

  • Advanced typographic communication
  • Graphic design studio
  • Advanced practice in user experience
  • Integrated media design
  • Advanced visual information theory
  • User experience strategy
  • Advanced methodologies in graphic design

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