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Top 10 Best degrees for an App Developer

App Developmet-best degrees

App development is becoming an ever larger and more important industry. As such, entering this field professionally is increasingly dependent upon a professional qualification such as the following degrees. These programs may be offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.

Degree in Mobile Development

This relatively new degree program is becoming more popular at universities throughout the nation. This is especially the case at schools in the Silicon Valley area, as well as at other app developer hot spots and traditional tech universities.

This program focuses on teaching tomorrow’s industry leaders about the essentials of app development, with classes that concentrate on the key areas of design, programming, and usability.

Degree in Computer Science

Earning a degree in this field is a good strategy to develop a broad set of skills that are useful across all the important development aspects of mobile apps, especially programming, computer animation, user interface (UI), graphics, and backend computing buy cialis overnight.

Degree in the Humanities or Arts

While software prowess is essential for the actual construction of apps, new ideas and concepts can revolutionize the field. No matter how technically good a product is, it must be unique and original to catch on. Earning a degree in a subject that allows the mind to be creative, spontaneous, and free-thinking is the only way new ideas will be introduced on the drawing board and cycle their way into the next hot app.

Degree in Software Engineering

Those who are especially qualified in this field are highly sought after in the world of mobile app development. Professionals with this degree will be adept in critical areas like memory allocation, database management, and software security; providing the brains and organization of an app’s inner workings.

Degree in Graphic Design

This field is just as important as programming or engineering because it affects how a finished app will look. When it comes to user concept and appeal, graphic design is perhaps the most important feature of a mobile application.

Degree in Computer Animation

An app’s animation and therefore interface with users is critical to its success. A degree in this field will provide future professionals with an essential and marketable skill that is inherent to the viability of all mobile apps out there.

Degree in Computer Programming

Perhaps one day all mobile apps will use a common code, but that is far from today’s reality. Apple iOS, Java, and C++ are just a few of the examples of the languages that do the heavy lifting in mobile apps. Qualified professionals in this field can make the difference between success and failure for an app.

Degree in Business or Marketing

It is no secret, nor should it be overlooked, that an important part of an app’s success is the business and marketing power behind it. There is no shortage of examples of great ideas or products that have floundered because they were not adequately supported with the right business and marketing strategy.

Degree in Information Technology (IT)

Earning a degree in IT results in several concrete skills that app developers rely on every day, namely in the fields of networking and programming as well as systems design and analysis. Developing talent in these areas will give professionals a broad software-based range of knowledge that can be used to tackle app development from a variety of angles.

Degree in the Behavioral Sciences

While much of the emphasis on apps focuses on the technical side of these products, the psychological and sociological aspects of app development and user experience are ignored at one’s peril. Understanding how a user thinks and relates socially to their world via apps is at the heart of some of the biggest app success stories.

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