App Development Careers in Arizona

According to official statistics released by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, the state’s app developers will increase in number by 370 every year between 2012 and 2022. This amounts to a 20 percent increase in total for the state’s app developers over the decade. This boom is supported by dozens of Arizona companies, particularly those that work in software and especially those specializing in app development.

Arizona App Development in 2015

The Rise of Mobile Devices in Arizona

App usage in Arizona has been rising sharply over the past several years. Recent statistics released by the FCC reveal that today in Arizona there are at least 3,418,000 smartphones and other mobile devices in circulation. This is the culmination of a number of factors in the wireless and mobile internet fields, and will come as no surprise to those who closely follow this industry.

An FCC report released in 2015 found that 73.9 percent of Arizonans – 6.55 million residents – have a broadband internet connection. In 2009 less than 2 million Arizona residences were connected to the internet, with broadband being just one of several types of internet connections. Since 2009 the number of mobile wireless providers operating in Arizona has also increased by one to a total of seven, with the vast majority of urban populations having a choice between at least four wireless network providers. As of 2013 up to 40 percent of all rural Arizona residents had access to a broadband speed of at least 25 Mbps.

This increasing network coverage as well as speed of wireless access has fostered an environment of mobile device growth in Arizona that has helped to spawn the state’s app industry.