App Development Careers in Colorado

Colorado’s app industry has grown steadily over recent years, with current federal and state projections indicating this trend will only continue into the future. Currently Colorado has the fourth-highest concentration of software application developers of all states in the nation. The state recently ranked 15th in the country for the strength of its app industry’s impact, which generates over $430 million annually.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment shows that app developer jobs in Colorado will increase by 38 percent over the decade leading up to 2022, adding an additional 1,100 jobs annually to amount to nearly 30,000 app developers working across the state by that time. Currently the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are 22,680 app developers employed throughout Colorado, and these professionals earn an average of $101,590 per year.

App developer jobs are located at companies throughout Colorado. Boulder has the third-highest concentration of app developers of all cities in the nation, with other significant concentrations of employment in:

  • Greater Denver area – 14,810 professionals
  • Boulder – 3,780 professionals
  • Colorado Springs – 2,460 professionals
  • Fort Collins-Loveland area – 990 professionals
  • Greeley – 110 professionals
  • Pueblo – 110 professionals
  • Grand Junction – 90 professionals

Colorado App Development in 2015

Players in Colorado’s App Industry

A state that holds national distinctions in its app industry, Colorado is the headquarters of many renown startups as well as more established companies. These are just some of the many examples in Colorado’s rapidly expanding and ever-changing field of app development:

  • Foraker Labs based in Boulder
  • Appit based in Denver
  • Quick Left with an office in Boulder
  • Cloudburt Design Studio based in Lafayette
  • Spiremedia based in Denver
  • Tera Bear Consulting based in Boulder
  • Possible Mobile with an office in Denver