Kentucky App Development in 2015

Most of Kentucky’s app jobs are located in the greater Louisville and Lexington areas. Relative to its size, Elizabethtown is also an app hotspot. There are approximately 280 app professionals working from the western to south-central rural portions of the state. Numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that app developers are concentrated throughout the state as follows:

  • 3,160 in the Louisville metropolitan area
  • 1,190 in the Lexington-Fayette metropolitan area
  • 160 in Elizabethtown
  • 100 in Bowling Green
  • 40 in Owensburo

In addition to being the location of major tech-dependent businesses, Kentucky is also home to a number of companies that focus specifically on app development. Some of these include:

  • Apax Software in Lexington
  • Able Engine in Lexington
  • Mission Data in Louisville
  • Trifecta in Lexington
  • Forest Giant in Louisville
  • eLink Design in Lexington
  • Hitcents in Bowling Green
  • Interapt in Louisville