App Development Careers in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the nation’s hotspots when it comes to app development, especially looking towards the future. The Louisiana Department of Labor projects that in the decade leading up to 2022, app developer jobs will increase statewide by a staggering 72 percent – the highest percentage increase in the United States.

The wireless industry trade group CTIA estimated in 2012 that Louisiana’s app industry generated $29 million each year, and app companies as well as the government are in the process of seizing this boom opportunity.

Out of recognition of the windfall app development can bring, the Louisiana state government has decided to offer what it describes as the strongest tax incentive to spur app development in the nation – its 35 percent Digital Interactive Media and Software Development tax credit. This has already attracted significant app development companies like Gameloft, and earned the state the nickname Silicon Bayou.

Louisiana App Development in 2015

Attractive Prospects in Louisiana

In addition to major companies like Gameloft Studios in New Orleans or IBM – which recently announced it was opening a 400-job Application Development Center in Monroe – the state is also home to startups and other mobile app development companies like:

  • Touch Studios in New Orleans
  • Information ArchiTECH in Lafayette
  • 3Coasts in New Orleans
  • Envoc in Baton Rouge
  • Twin Engines Lab in Shreveport
  • Rebar Interactive in New Orleans
  • HitPath in New Orleans

Most application developer jobs are located in the greater New Orleans area, followed by Baton Rouge, which are home to 400 and 330 professionals, respectively. Lafayette also has significant numbers of app developers, who by a 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics report were 100 strong. The Shreveport-Bossier City area is home to approximately 70 professionals. In total there are more than 1,170 app developers statewide, who earn an average salary of $75,980.