Montana App Development in 2015

App developers work with government – such as designing apps with functionality for residents like those from the Governor’s Mobile App Challenge – schools, large corporations, and local businesses. Some companies based in Montana specialize in app development, such as the following examples:

  • Kissyface Interactive in Northwest Montana
  • Tempest Technologies in Helena
  • TechMeridian in Manhattan
  • Webgrain in Bozeman and Billings
  • Future-Farm in Bozeman
  • Authentic Imaging in Billings

The most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show there are a total of 660 app developers in Montana. These professionals work in areas like:

  • 320 app developers in Southwestern Montana
  • 120 app developers in Missoula
  • 110 app developers in Western Montana
  • 70 app developers in Billings