App Development Careers in New Jersey

Although it doesn’t get a lot of publicity as such, New Jersey is home to the fifth-largest number of app developers – 37,350 – and has the third-highest concentration of these professionals in the nation. It also offers the eight-highest average annual salary to its app developers, calculated by the BLS to be $100,830 in 2014.

In other words, New Jersey is a national leader in America’s app industry. The wireless industry association CTIA estimates that the state’s app industry generates $1.09 billion every year, the sixth-largest amount of any state in the country. That means that for the state’s economy, one app developer on average generates $29,183 per year.

Impressive statistics such as these are no accident; New Jersey’s government and private industry has been investing over the past years to build a strong infrastructure that would support the state’s current mobile application boom.

New Jersey App Development in 2015

Buildup to New Jersey’s Boom

The mobile app industry has been able to take New Jersey by storm because of recent developments in the state’s wireless network range and speed. In 2009 there were just 3.28 million residential internet connections throughout New Jersey, as reported in an FCC report. By the beginning of 2014 that number had grown to 7.78 million. By 2015 the coverage area of wireless networks had expanded to envelop virtually all of the state, with all residents having their choice of at least four wireless network providers, except for those living around the Wharton State Forest who had somewhat less of a selection.

Internet and wireless network speed has also been growing in New Jersey. Today the FCC reports that 79.1 percent of New Jersey residents connect to the web with a broadband internet connection. Residents living outside the city can find some of the best rural broadband access in the nation, with up to 97 percent of non-metro New Jersey residents having access to speeds of at least 25 Mbps. According to a report released by the White House, New Jersey as a whole ranks nationally for broadband speed as follows:

  • Third in the nation for internet speeds of at least 10 Mbps – 99.48 percent of all residents
  • Third in the nation for internet speeds of at least 25 Mbps – 97.77 percent of all residents
  • Fifth in the nation for internet speeds of at least 50 Mbps – 96.37 percent of all residents

This combination of increased speed and coverage can be seen to have coalesced in the FCC’s most recent wireless device report where it estimated there were 5.75 million mobile wireless devices such as smartphones in circulation throughout New Jersey.