App Development Careers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is an increasingly exciting place to work as an app developer. Between just 2010 and 2014 the number of app developers working in the state rose from 2,470 to 4,030, according to figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission further estimates that between 2012 to 2022 the number of app developers will increase by 19 percent, which translates into 80 new jobs each year. That’s a rate almost double the state’s projected average job growth rate over the same period, which is just 10.01 percent.

Oklahoma’s app developer jobs are in demand because of the growth of apps and the mobile wireless devices that use them. Figures from the recent census show that 34 percent of Oklahomans connect to the internet at multiple locations. Moreover, a recent FCC report estimates there are 2.14 million mobile wireless devices in circulation throughout Oklahoma – more than one device for every two people in the state.

These strides in mobile device growth have been made possible by advancements in Oklahoma’s network infrastructure. The mobile wireless industry trade group CTIA estimates the state’s app industry generates around $54 million each year.

Oklahoma App Development in 2015

The Status of Oklahoma’s Network Connections

Today wireless networks allow for internet access in virtually all of Oklahoma, perhaps with the exception of some areas around the Ouachita National Forest. The number of total internet connections is up significantly since 2009 when there were just 961,000 residential internet connections. According to a report released by the FCC, at the beginning of 2014 that number had risen to 2.81 million.

On the subject of internet speed, 66.7 percent of Oklahoma residents access the internet with a broadband connection according to an analysis released by the FCC in 2015. A recent report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy found that up to 20 percent of the state’s rural residents have access to an internet connection that is at least 25 Mbps.