Tennessee App Development in 2015

The BLS shows the following figures for app development professionals who work throughout Tennessee:

  • 2,580 app developers in the greater metropolitan Nashville-Murfreesboro area
  • 710 in the greater Memphis area
  • 660 in Knoxville
  • 290 in the greater Chattanooga area
  • 70 in the Kingsport-Bristol area
  • 50 in the Clarksville area

App developers will often work as freelancers or be hired on software teams at banks, schools, government agencies, and businesses. Tennessee is also home to dozens of companies that specialize in mobile application development, including these:

  • InnerDigital in Knoxville
  • LunarLincoln in Nashville
  • Aloompa in Nashville
  • Bright Newt in Knoxville
  • Darkstar Design in Nashville
  • Atiba in Nashville
  • Mammoth in Nashville
  • Dev Digital in Chattanooga and Nashville
  • Speak in Nashville and Memphis
  • Firefly Logic in Nashville
  • Horton Group in Nashville
  • Metova in Franklin