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Step-by-Step Guide for Developing and Publishing Your App

A brilliant idea for an amazing app has just flashed into your head. You want to develop it into a real product, but where do you start? These eight steps will take you through the process of turning your app into a reality. Phase One – Develop Your Concept This phase focuses on the brainstorming that must happen before an app enters the development phase. Step 1. Mentally outline your app The first step you can take is to consider your app’s concept. At this point you should have at…

Read More 2015 Future Professional Essay Contest Contests News 2015 Future Professional Essay Contest is announcing its first annual App Development essay contest, open to all current students across the United States, Alaska and Hawaii studying any and all relative degrees for careers in smartphone application development. We are calling on all students to write a short, one page essay on the following topics as they relate to the future of application development in the United States: What do you see as the most important new developments in smartphone technology and application development over the coming decade? What can smartphones and their applications…

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Graphic Design App development Degrees 

Graphic Design Degrees

The art of graphic design can define a first – as well as a lasting – impression. Commercially, visual branding and presentation are some of the strongest examples of the utility of graphic design, as is user interface and experience. An object’s graphic design can create a subtle emotional connection or provoke a visceral and obvious reaction. For these reasons a degree in Graphic Design can pave the way toward one’s full career potential click here for info. Degrees in this field are offered at all academic levels, with typical…

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Growth of ad sales on mobile apps

In a Pew Research Center article published in April of 2015, author Aaron Smith pointed out that 64 percent of American adults now own a smartphone. While that figure is impressive, the number is far higher among the nation’s future – young adults – 85 percent of whom own smartphones. The growth of smartphones is obvious and ongoing, however the secondary results of this market expansion may not be so apparent to the average mobile device user – namely, revenue generated by ads on mobile apps. Changing Ad Environment An…

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Computer animation - app development Degrees 

Computer Animation Degrees

Earning a degree in computer animation is the starting point for tomorrow’s leading professionals in areas like traditional animation, visual effects, gaming art, character animation, and Hollywood CGI. While each degree program has its own unique entrance requirements, students can expect to encounter any of the following admission criteria: Official academic transcripts Minimum grade point average (GPA) Minimum scores on standardized tests As students progress through higher academic programs they will also be expected to develop a portfolio of their animation works and projects, and may also need to demonstrate…

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Top 10 Best degrees for an App Developer

App development is becoming an ever larger and more important industry. As such, entering this field professionally is increasingly dependent upon a professional qualification such as the following degrees. These programs may be offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Degree in Mobile Development This relatively new degree program is becoming more popular at universities throughout the nation. This is especially the case at schools in the Silicon Valley area, as well as at other app developer hot spots and traditional tech universities. This program focuses on teaching…

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AT&T vs Verizon vs Sprint…which is better?

Talk to three people and you will get three different answers about who is the best network provider. When considering this question, the best way to come to a conclusion is by comparing cold hard data. The following information has been taken from Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T to help consumers decide which company is right for them. Cost, services, and coverage areas are the three important variables that are analyzed. Comparison of Plans One way of evaluating these companies is to compare their offers side-by-side. The following chart does just…

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iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

The battle between Apple, Google via its Android operating system, and companies that run Android like Samsung is playing out in epic proportions with the iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 matchup. Apple and Samsung are respectively offering the most powerful smartphone features on the market to date, with each device packing more computing power than was initially used by Nasa’s Apollo 11 to land people on the moon. Specifications Before getting into the useability and comfort, a good starting point of comparison is the hardware statistics for both these…

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San Francisco - Application Development Top 10 

Top 10 US Cities for Tech Startups

The greater Silicon Valley area will undoubtedly remain the best place to be for new tech startups, at least in the near future. However other cities are making headway in this field, with many exhibiting enviable growth figures in their own right. Talent, capital, and attractive business environments are triangulating on many cities across the United States, while local governments are also realizing the benefits a city can reap as a tech industry hub. The extent to which these factors improve going forward will determine how – and where –…

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Toronto - Application Development Top 10 

Top 10 Canadian Cities for Tech Startups

As the next generation of tech companies are launched, more Canadians are moving back to the country’s startup hubs – currently there are about 350,000 Canadians living in Silicon Valley – to launch their own projects. Private investors as well as government officials are quickly moving to capitalize on the explosive potential of the country’s expanding tech startup sector. Out of recognition of the economic and development advantages that successful startups bring, Her Majesty’s Government has even introduced the Start-Up Visa. If an entrepreneur secures backing from a Canadian organization,…

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