What to consider when actually making an app

As any portable device user knows, there are many different categories of apps – books, lifestyle, news, or games to name just a few. When defining apps, this is usually the first distinction the general public would make. However from an app designer’s perspective, the first distinguishing characteristic of an app will be its platform – what operating system will the app be for?

Today there are two app operating systems that by far dominate all others:

  • The Android operating system, developed by Google and used as the OS on portable devices made by companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Asus
  • Apple’s iOS, used on iPhones and iPads

Two other significant players are:

  • Microsoft – has developed several operating systems for mobile devices, such as the Windows Phone OS
  • Blackberry – has developed several operating systems for its Blackberry mobile device series

App developers will need to start by choosing which operating system they want to work with. Learning the intricacies of each OS is like learning a different language, so it is best to start by picking one, and most people choose either Android or iOS. This leads to the next logical question, which operating system is better?

Different industry experts will talk about different facts. The Android OS has recently surpassed the iOS market dominance to be the leader in app downloads, however iOS users are more willing to pay – and pay more – for the apps they download. Either way, there are definitely career prospects ahead with either of these operating systems.